Pool and Hot Tub Wiring

Pool and Hot Tub Wiring

Electricity and water do not mix! I know you’ve heard this one before, so until you become a licensed electrician, please let the licensed electricians handle the pool and hot tub wiring for you. Whether it’s wiring for a new pool or hot tub, or your experiencing a wiring issue with an existing pool or hot tub, the licensed electricians at KB Electric LLC are just a phone call away!

Why Your Pool or Hot Tub Needs An Electrician

  • Safety: a professional versed in pool and hot tub wiring knows the safety precautions to take so the wiring installation is correct. This ensures your safety when in your new pool or hot tub.
  • Functionality: Licensed electricians are versed in the NEC (National Electrical Code) and know what needs to be included and done properly for the install for accurate functionality of the wiring system:
    • Protected GFCI circuits
    • General-use receptacles
    • Grounding
    • Bonding
    • Manual Disconnects
    • Correctly-sized breakers
    • Proper conduits

….and much more.


pool and hot tub wiring

Swimming Pool Wiring


Getting a new pool or spa that needs wiring? Need wiring repairs to your pool or hot tub because an amateur did it the first time? KB Electric LLC can help you with your pool and hot tub wiring needs. We do it all, from installing swimming pool lighting, to hooking up your heat pump. Call today for a free consultation! (610) 268-9267